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 I love watching people's backs as I walk through a crowd of people.  The back of their jacket can tell an interesting story. 

  • There's the high school football star, wearing his letterman jacket with the school emblem embroidered on the back. 
  • There are numerous businesses represented, both large and small. 
  • I see my friend who restores old cars for a living and will only embroider his personal cars on his jackets. 
  • There's a friend who has to wear a black coat for work but likes bright colors, so she found a design to stitch on the back of her jacket just for fun.
  • I've been standing in line at the store while wearing my Headquarters Custom Embroidery jacket and had people ask me questions about what I do. 
  • And of course, there are employees who have recieved a company jacket and decided to have their name embroidered on it to help identify who it belongs to.

Take a minute to look around and see the value of wearing your story on your jacket.    Your embroidered jacket could bring you a new contact, a new sale or maybe a new friend.






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